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Humanity is on the brink of extinction under the onslaught of ruthless androids endowed with human consciousness. You will have to enter the headquarters of the main enemy and stop the pace of the “Legion of Machines”.

In 1985, the whole world faced the conspiracy of the corporation “Kaida”, allegedly producing robots for peaceful purposes. In fact, all the machines coming out of the walls of secret friv laboratories, are intended for the total destruction of people living on the planet. Stop it can only forgotten by all the robot, with the installed software, similar in characteristics to the human brain. This, you, in the role of a mechanical savior, and take care.

SYNTHETIK is a high-speed puzzle shooter with elements of a bagel, which was developed by a team of two people. The whole point of the game is the passage of the floors of a giant citadel, defended by a huge number of hostile robots. Confront you will be tanks, soldiers, drones – and you can destroy them with a large arsenal of gov weapons: lasers, grenades, cannons and rifles that can jam at the most inopportune moment.


Each level in the game will present something new: visual style, opponents and dynamics. Before you start, you should choose one of the game classes – Defender, Tramp, Commando or Specialist. All characters have unique skills and basic weapons. In addition, their skills, weapons and equipment achieve progression. In total there are more than 80 items in the game for combining and gaining an advantage over the opponent.

The complexity modifiers in the game are ten, and each level has its own risk and reward. If the number of enemies becomes too large, it is worthwhile to call for reinforcements – an online cooperative for two players is supported. By the way, players can share with each other their skills, weapons, objects and ammunition. In this case, it is worthwhile to be careful in shooting at exploding objects and partner.

SYNTHETIK is positively received by the community, there is a lot of content, a mechanic and even more opponents.

The Witcher 3_01

Each new batch of screenshots published by the Poles from CD Projekt RED, can not fail to inspire and enhance the desire to quickly try out a new episode in the history of The Witcher. The project The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt continues to gain momentum, because until the release is less and less time.
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Doom 3

Probably many are thinking just about Dark Souls or different indie “bagels”. Yes, they are definitely a challenging game, but some players it was not enough. Finding the limit of their gaming experience, there was definitely a new genre in the passing game. Describe the gameplay can be as a «No Damage», that is, without any damage or injuries.

The gamer takes the Doom game to the most complex level, and thus does not receive a single damage from enemies, or very minimal, which can not dodge because the plot or the peculiarities of passing a certain point.

And the first one who came up and began to take the game so “hardcore” was the way – Vladimir Yatsyna, hails from the Urals (there had to be a joke about the harsh Ural gamers). It is worth noting that in real life the adrenaline Vladimir rife, because he is working industrial mountaineers.

On the YouTube channel of the author has covered a lot of games, such as Doom 3, Crysis 2-3, Max Payne 1-2 and F.E.A.R. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to the channel of the author, and watch his videos. A below, for starters, one of the moments of passage of “Hell” in the game Doom 3.

Lego de City Spielen

Lego de City Spielen
Spielen Sie kostenlose Lego City Online-Spiele, in dem Sie wahlen einen Charakter und ihm helfen, durch all die Baustellen zu bekommen. Je nach Einsatzort und Objekte auf der Strasse platziert, Sie wollen, um die erforderliche Baumaschinen wahlen: Bagger, Aufzug, Kran und andere. Im Allgemeinen, sich an die Arbeit.

Minecraft 1.4 7 онлайн
Бесплатная русская онлайн версия популярной во всем интернете игры Minecraft 1.4 7! Особенно она понравится тем, кто любит строить из блоков разные штучки. Free online version of the popular all over the internet game Minecraft 1.4 7! It is particularly appeal to those who like to build with blocks of different things.

Angry Birds Spiele Kostenlos
Gratis Spielen im flash Angry Birds-spiele online. Wir hatten nicht solche Spielzeuge wie wir ihre Kinder verwohnen, aber spielen solche Spielzeuge wir teilhaben an ihre Kindheit und werden wie sie. Dies ist – viel Spass! Danke, Rovio!

Plants vs Zombis Spielen
Hungriger Zombies wollen Ihr Haus einzudringen und iss dein Gehirn, aber man kann sie stoppen! Verwenden Sie die Fahigkeiten Strategie – Anlage ein Garten der Schafgarbe.

Schwammkopf Spongebob spiele
Spielen SpongeBob online ist sehr praktisch, da man leicht zu einem bestimmten Ort gehen kann, spiele herunterladen oder einfach nur spielen sie gerade aus Ihrem Browser ohne Download. Die meisten dieser Online-Spiele sind puppospiele. De kostenlos. Wenn es einige Websites, die Sie zahlen muss, um zu spielen, sie sind sehr billig und wirklich erschwinglich.

Игры принцесса Барби бесплатно
Играть в игры с куклой Барби может оказаться настолько приятным, что вы себе этого даже не представляете! Попробуйте это на сайте puppo.ru и вы будете наслаждаться ими вместе с остальными. Эти игры могут избавить вас от стресса и беспокойства, в особенности, если вы являетесь настоящим поклонником Барби.